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First of all let me apologize, I am still working on a translation for my website about Océanian and African art. I still need time to make it avalable. So to introduce correctly my subject i would say :


Art, from prehisory to the modern way of life, appears to be à living mistery, it brings to us whatever has no form through the feeling of the Artist.

It brings to consciousness what is in the air for a nation or a smaller human group in a specific time and makes us finally understand what we always had rigth here and never had the strength to face. So simple means so much...

Tribal art is such a lesson in the way of getting right to the point. Every single importants details in Art are perfectly represented here : "presence, strength, mistery, beauty, and translate a nonform living mistery in Art.


Mederic Metayer










tribal art yoruba gelede

African Art from: Nigeria : Yoruba/Gelede















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